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The leading German take-back system for end-of-life lighting products

A brief introduction to Lightcycle

Please note: If you want to sell electrical equipment in Germany as a foreign company, you must register in Germany with the national register for electrical and electronic equipment (www.stiftung-ear.de). If you don't have a business address in Germany, you will need a German authorised representative.

We work with several companies, who can provide you with an authorised representative in Germany. Are you interested? Please contact us at info(at)eag-gmbh.de.

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Lightcycle Retourlogistik und Service GmbH is a non-profit organisation established in 2005 to organise the nationwide collection of end-of life lamps in Germany and to ensure that these products are properly collected and recycled in accordance with manufacturers' legal obligations. This enables manufacturers and importers to meet these legal requirements (the WEEE Directive and the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)) by participating in a system that is both ecologically and economically sustainable.

Lightcycle is the take-back system that collects the largest volume of end-of-life LED and gas discharge lamps in Europe. The company delivers the collected lamps to certified recycling facilities and ensures that they are recycled professionally.

The two main aspects of a successful collection are the establishment of a nationwide, easily accessible collection network and intensive and continuous information and awareness campaigns. In addition to the municipal collection network, Lightcycle has established an extensive voluntary network with waste management companies and partners in the wholesale channel, retail outlets and electrical installation companies. In addition, since the system became operational in 2006, we have run campaigns aimed at both private and commercial consumers to raise awareness of the use of energy-efficient lighting and its proper disposal. We have been able to significantly increase awareness of this issue, resulting in sustainable annual growth in our collection volumes.

The company also focuses on creating a level playing field and fair market conditions through extensive market monitoring. Producers who fail to meet their legal obligations under the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) are prosecuted and forced to register and comply with the law.

As an additional service, Lightcycle is responsible for the administration of Elektro-Altgeräte Garantie GmbH. This company offers manufacturers and importers of lamps a simple and economically competitive guarantee system. It has the necessary accreditation from the German authorities and serves as the necessary basis for registration with the national German register "stiftung ear".

Last but not least, Lightcycle offers manufacturers and importers of lighting products competent support in fulfilling their time-consuming and complex legal obligations.


For further information, please contact:

Lightcycle Retourlogistik
und Service GmbH

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